01 Feb 2016

Myths and Legends: Storytelling for KS1 and KS2

Whether it’s fairies or folk tales, myths and legends; the ancient art of oral storytelling plays an important role within the classroom. By telling a good tale through evocative words and a strong plot will mesmerise children within seconds, helping to strengthen their understanding of language as well as enhancing […]

20 Oct 2016

How To Use Pegs

How to use PEGS! We have made a few little Christmas characters out of wooden pegs and a few other basic materials. Let’s start with the Christmas Angel. To make this, you will need: Dolly Pegs Fabric Cut-Offs Assorted Ribon Glue Let’s start with choosing a material to make the angel’s […]

20 Oct 2016

How To Use Cotton Reels

How to use Cotton Reels Christmas Crafts Here we have made a couple of recognisable Christmas characters using our plastic cotton reels and a few other materials. If you would like to make these, scroll down to find out what you need: Cotton Reel Angel – A cotton reel – […]

05 Sep 2016

Create a Lunar Landscape

This fun art and craft activity gives children the chance to get creative by making their own lunar landscape and the aliens that could live there. There are lots of opportunities for them to let their imagination run wild and build communication skills when working as a team. To create […]

13 Jun 2016

A Mini Olympics: 5 Fun Games

A mini Olympics can be a fun way for children to celebrate this exciting sporting event and get active and practice skills by taking part in their own events with the chance to win their own mini olympics medals. Team games are also great for encouraging collaboration, communication and team […]

06 Jun 2016

STEM Activity: Investigating Gea...

This fun STEM activity to create a crank fan and experiment with different gear ratios and colours will help lower KS2 children to gain a better understanding of how gears work and apply their learning to an engineering project. Resources for this STEM Activity K’NEX Intro to Simple Machines: Gears […]

24 May 2016

How to Make a Brazilian Rainfore...

This Brazilian Rainforest Diorama is a fun and creative way for KS2 children to find out more about an important biome with a range of interest biodiversity for them to research and discover. A biome is a 3 dimensional model of a scene. Creating a biome gives children the opportunity […]

13 May 2016

Times Table Investigations with ...

Looking for a new idea for times tables? Try these printable supermarket vouchers and catalogue pages to practice with a real life context. There are many opportunities for open ended times table practice with these resources, here are a few example ideas to get you started. To complete this activity […]

21 Apr 2016

Citizen Science for Schools: 5 W...

Citizen science is a great way for children to get inspired by getting involved in providing data for real scientific projects giving some great benefits to both the children and the organisations involved. The benefits for children can be far reaching and include spending more time outdoors, a better understanding […]

20 Apr 2016

Forest School Games: Guess the T...

This fun forest school game is a good way of practising communications skills by encouraging children to use descriptive language, whilst also developing confidence and a range of cross-curricular skills such as team building. You will need Outdoor area with a number of accessible trees One blindfold per pair of […]