Design and Technology

23 Dec 2015

Easy Baked Chinese Spring Rolls

These easy baked spring rolls are a fun activity for KS1 and KS2 children to get involved in celebrating and learning about Chinese New Year as well as getting the opportunity to taste new flavours and foods and learn about healthy eating. To Make 8 Chinese Spring Rolls You Will Need: […]

17 Jun 2016

Moon Buggies: STEM for EYFS

This fun STEM activity for early years and reception children gives provides lots of opportunities for communication and experiment as well as learning about the the surface of the moon and designing their own moon buggy. You will need… KiD K’NeX Vehicles Kit A large floor space A ramp – […]

19 Feb 2016

Sweetie House: A Sugary STEM Act...

A house made from sweets is an inviting, hands-on, irresistible learning experience for children (both EYFS and KS1), and a great STEM activity for starting to think about scientific investigation skills, planning, working as a team and engaging in an iterative process of designing and making.. The children need to […]

22 Jun 2015

Monster Sandwiches: a Healthy Ea...

Monster sandwiches are not only a great healthy eating lesson idea but a fun design project for children to undertake. Although creating a sandwich is quite simple, the principles of a balanced meal can be applied. Salad and vegetables are a great way to add a bit of monster fun to a […]