• Hue HD Pro

    The HUE HD Pro classroom camera and visualiser is the latest edition to the HUE range. This camera can now view a full A4 sheet and project it onto a whiteboard via a PC and projector. The camera’s innovative and versatile design offers limitless positioning options. The Hue HD Pro also comes with…

  • Genee Vision 50 UHD Visualiser

    The GV 50 UHD uses a high-quality 8.0 CMOS camera mounted to an arm. With a powerful zoom and focus, visualisers can be used to capture images up to A3 size.

  • Hue USB Cameras

    Hue's innovative and versatile design offers limitless positioning options - leave Hue in its base or connect it directly to your computer via its USB. The Animation Studio version comes with everything you need to create stop-motion animation videos with easy to use software and modelling…

  • Genee Vision 9100HD Visualiser

    The Genee Vision 9100HD visualiser can pick-up any kind of material, such as photographs, books, or 3D objects and effortlessly present them to your audience via an interactive whiteboard or touchscreen. The 9100HD visualiser is a high-end visualiser, which uses the latest static imaging and video…

  • U500L USB Visualiser

    This great value visualiser for use with interactive whiteboards boasts powerful software and a 5 megapixel camera, whilst folding to allow portability.

  • U200L USB Visualiser

    A low cost USB visualiser supported by powerful software for use with interactive whiteboard functions enabling image annotation, image reduction, enlargement and rotation.

  • U600L Flexible Neck Visualiser

    A great value, portable and versatile visualiser with good quality auto focus facility, allowing imaginative and interactive presentation of classroom activities. Supports an anti-theft lock making it ideal for use in public places.

  • Genee Vision 3100 Visualiser

    Mobile, flexible and powerful, the Genee Vision 3100 is a teaching/presentation tool that enables teachers to share a much wider range of information with their pupils or audience via their digital projectors.• SVGA, XGA, SXGA, 720p and WXGA resolution• 3.2 megapixel camera• 8x…

  • Genee Vision 50 Portable Visualiser

    The Genee Vision 50 is a highly portable, user-friendly visualiser providing a simple, one cable utility that only uses a USB port for power.

  • Genee Vision 150SD Visualiser

    The Genee Vision 150SD visualiser is a compact and affordable, portable, desktop solution, taking just seconds to set up and crammed with features. The Genee 150SD allows you to drastically cut down your presentation preparation time and capture your media, including 3D objects, for display on your…

  • Genee Vision 4100HD Visualiser

    The Genee Vision 4100HD visualiser uses the latest static image and video recording technology for optimum presentation in high definition. Connect to your LED touchscreen for added clarity with an HDMI cable for high quality visualisation. The 4100HD also has built-in image stabilisation and auto…

  • Hue USB Camera

    The Hue webcam has a brilliant high resolution picture and great sound through an internal USB microphone. It is simple to install and compatible with Skype, Yahoo Messenger, AIM and iChat (Mac OS X v10.4.9 required for iChat support). The webcam’s innovative and versatile design offers limitless…

  • Hue Animation Studio

    Catalogue error: Clay is not included with the Hue Animation Studio. Apologies for the inconvenience. Hue Animation Studio contains everything that you need to create stop motion animation videos. The fully-featured animation software has been specifically designed for ease of use and will suit all…

  • Senior Microscope Kit

    A great metal-based microscope for more advanced pupils, with larger magnification and illumination options.• Magnification: 100x, 200x and 300x • 2 illumination options• Height: 300mm• Includes 6 made-up viewing slides• Batteries not included

  • Under The Sea Shells™ Word Problem Activity Set

    Maths word problems are brought to life with Clams, Crabs and Starfish in this under-the-sea themed maths activity set! These adorable sea creatures will help early learners visualise a variety of maths techniques. Age: 6-10 years.

  • Beginners' Slide Set

    A set of 12 slides selected for their suitability for young and inexperienced microscopists.• Housefly wing, Butterfly wing scales, Housefly leg, Hydra, Water organisms, Onion skin, Cork section, Cotton material, Paper fibres, Water flea, Twig section

  • Microscope Cover Slips 22mm x 22mm

    • Glasses for slides• Thickness: 0.09mm-0.13mm• Size: 22mm x 22mm• Box of 100

  • Digital Microscope - Monocular

    • Head: Monocular, 45° inclined, 360° rotating• Eyepiece: WF10x/16mm• Nose piece: Triple• Objectives: Achromatic 4x, 10x, 40x• Stage: Rotating dia. 90mm, moving range 5mm with slide clips• Focusing system: Coarse and fine with different axis• Illumination: White…

  • Eye Scope Hand-Held Microscope

    The Eye Scope allows you to look at anything from fibres to flowers through this 60x magnifying hand-held digital microscope with docking base that easily connects to your computer with the USB lead.• 60x magnification• Extension cable to increase range to 3.7m • Includes…

  • Junior Microscope Kit

    An ideal 'first' microscope to introduce younger children to the concept of magnification with large controls, illumination lamp and a set of viewing slides. Its tough, lightweight design also makes it ideal for outdoor use.• Magnification: 15x• Height: 250mm• Includes 6 made-up…

  • Microscope Slides 76mm x 26mm

    • Ground edges • Thickness: 1mm-1.2mm• Size: 76mm x 26mm • Box of 50

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