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  • Plastic Mirrors

    page931 These small, hand-held mirrors enable children to look at everyday objects from unusual perspectives.• Available in flat or convex/concave versions• Single sided mirrors


    …in price but not in quality. This striking circular bubble column water feature with colour changing LED lights makes it a great addition to any sensory environment. Sit back and relax while watching the bubbles continuously rise from the base, illuminated by an enchanting array of colours with the…

  • Textured Tangle

    page517 page663 A Tangle with different tactile textures. Great for fidgets but not suitable for children who chew objects as the links may come apart. Age: 3 years+.• Size: 170mm(l)• Sold singly


    Promote sensory exploration with these colourful sound and light blocks. Shake to hear a range of sounds or look through to see the world in a different light. Age: 3 months+.

  • Sensory Liquid Set

    …A complete collection of Sensory Liquid and Bubble sets. Age: 3 years+.Set contains:• Sensory liquid set of 3• Sensory bubble set of 4• Spiral tube set of 3• Sensory jump bean set of 4• Sensory dual colour liquid set of 3 • Large sensory bubble set of 4• Set…

  • Sensory Manipulative Panels

    page516 page715 Brighten up your classroom walls and engage children in practising and improving their fine motor and co-ordination skills. Easy to grip handles allows smooth movement along curved paths. Age: 3 years+.• Wall fixings supplied• Manufactured from MDF panels• Squirrel size: 890mm(w) x…

  • Porcupine Balls

    page518 The Porcupine Balls' little PVC 'spikes' make it easy to catch and is ideal for touch and texture training. Age: 3 years+.• Available in two diameters: 80mm and 100mm • Colours: blue, red, green and yellow • Each pack contains one of each colour• Pack of 4

  • Glow In The Dark Stars

    A 20 piece pack of glow in the dark stars which are ideal for classrooms or in a sensory room. Each star is solid plastic with clever photoluminescent phosphors in them which collect UV light from daylight or artificial light and store it up until darkness falls. This pack comes with everything you…

  • Glow Stretchy Spaghetti

    page528 A super stretchy bundle of spaghetti-like strands which glows in the dark. Very soft and tactile. Age: 3 years+.• Size: each strand 280mm long (unstretched)

  • Split Limes

    page510 page510 page536 These have a lovely citrus smell.• Size: 50mm• Pack of 6

  • Talking Tins

    page541 Talking Tins help children of all ages develop their speaking and listening skills. Talking Tins allow you to record and playback your own voice messages, music or sound effects. The tins have built-in magnets which allows them to be attached to any metal surface. Activities include…

  • Treasure Basket

    page509 page669 A beautiful treasure basket made from rattan and has no sharp edges. Suitable for young children.• Basket size: 410mm x 310mm• Contents not included

  • Rotating Disco Ball

    page526 A high quality rotating disco ball with the added bonus of built in speakers, an SD card and USB slot. Turn on the light, plug in your favourite music and the lights will flash to the music beat. • Includes remote control for volume and to change tracks• Adult supervision…

  • Soft Play Activity Ring

    Ideal for baby rooms. Pocket mirrors and squeakers surround the 200mm high sides. Hang small toys sensory materials from the two arches supplied. Supplied with 3mm padded machine washable nylon base mat. Age: birth+.

  • Sensory Rainbow Glitter Balls

    page518 A perfect resource for young children with fascinating sparkling stardust which swirls around the inside of the balls as they are moved. Ideal for captivating the imagination and improving concentration skills. Age: 3 years+.• Set of 7 in red, silver, gold, green, blue, pink & purple•…


    These beautiful sculptures will charm the children with their tactile nature and are ideal for sensory play. Once discovered, the animals can be sorted and matched by different criteria including colour, habitat and characteristics, promoting language and discussion. Each piece is created from our…

  • Koosh Balls

    page1079 A great introduction to throwing and catching. Soft, safe, easy to grasp ball made from natural washable rubber. Age: 3 years+.• Size: 80mm(dia)• Sold singly or as a pack of 12


    A perfect companion to black out sensory dens or other dark area. This kit includes an exciting mix of lights for children to explore and touch like the plasma ball and textured bouncing light up ball. The lamps and light up accessories create a magical den space. Age: 3 years+.


    …portable sensory kit contains a versatile selection of sensory resources which are easily stored away in the flight case provided. Ideal for when space is limited, this kit has been designed for children and adults with special needs, giving them the opportunity to benefit from sensory input…


    This sensory ball set contains a variety of balls designed for play and sensory exercises.

  • Play Stilts

    page741 A fun way to develop co-ordination and balancing skills. Age: 3 years+.• Colours may vary• Size: 120mm(h) x 100mm(dia.)• Available as a pair, pack of 5 pairs or as a pack of 20 pairs

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