• Satin Ribbon

    page448 Perfect for crafting!• 8 vibrant colours (colours may vary)• Size: 4mm(w) and 10mm(w)• 120 metres of satin ribbon in total• Pack of 16 spools

  • Ribbons Assortment

    page448 This assorted pack of ribbon offers many designs, widths and colours.• Over 50m in each pack• 100g bag


    Ribbon for use with the star and circular medals on this page.

  • Large Ribbon

    page449 Ideal for weaving activities but can be used for a range of craft projects.• Assorted colours• Size: 50mm(w) x 90m(l)• Pack of 6

  • Ribbon Spools

    page488 Multipurpose ribbon ideal for a variety of craft activities. • Colours: gold, silver, green, red, blue and cerise• Size: 18mm(w) x 4.5m(l)• Pack of 6

  • Spring Ribbon

    page448 Six exciting and colourful assorted ribbons in six spotted design, ideal for spring and Easter crafts and Mothers Day. • Size: 1 x 20mm(w) x 4.5m(l), 2 x 10mm(w) x 4.5m(l), 3 x 5mm(w) x 4.5m(l)• Pack of 6 spools

  • Christmas Ribbon Pack

    page448 page488 Great value pack of attractive ribbons.• Colours: red, green, gold, silver, tartan and other seasonal designs • Size: assorted widths x 40m(l) approx.


    Ribbon for use with the star and circular medals on this page.


    Great value sparkle wands, each with two ribbons attached.

  • 6 Colour Ribbon Set

    page737 page1147 This set of ribbons is suitable for dance and movement activities. Single ribbon attached to each wand.• Colours: red, blue, green, yellow, orange and purple • Ribbon size: 1400mm(l)• Pack of 6

  • Kit for Purpose Rhythm and Dance Pack

    page737 page1130 A great value pack of dance accessories to enable children to creatively express themselves with rhythm and dance.Contains:• 4 x tap sticks• 8 x pom poms• 6 x ribbon sticks• 6 x dance scarves• 6 x red hoops• 6 x wrist bells• 6 x bangle ribbons


    Super glitter ribbon for collage, applique and textile trimming. Just a little ribbon makes a big difference.

  • Flower Ribbons

    page448 These colourful ribbons have a cross grain finish with colour flowers printed on one side; great for decorative spring crafts.• Size: 4 x 9mm(w) x 3m(l), 3 x 16mm(w) x 3m(l), 1 x 22mm(w) x 3m(l)• Pack of 8 spools

  • Sparkle Ribbon

    page448 Velvet touch ribbon with a shiny metallic surface in assorted colours. Superb for collage, applique and textile trimming, threading and adding some extra sparkle to weavings and creative projects.• 10mm(w) x 1m lengths• Pack of 20 assorted colours

  • Bangle Ribbons Pack

    page1147 Each bangle has lengths of coloured ribbon attached to create visual impact.• Ribbon size: 610mm(l)• Pack of 6

  • Festive Ribbon Multi-Pack

    page448 page488 A great multi pack ideal for festive crafts and gift wrapping. • Size: 10mm(w) x 4.5m(l) • 4 Spools

  • Brother PC-72RF Fax Ribbon Refill

    Original Brother PC-72RF fax refill. For use with: • Brother Fax T70 / T78 / T98 / T76 / T96 / T74 / T94 / T104 / T92 / T86 / T106 / T84• Pack of 2

  • Learn & Go Class Cart

    …spinning carpet ride, double ferris wheel and tramcar (builds any one at a time)• A set of 5 ACE's matching the models• 6 x easy LEDs and ribbon cables ready to connect as an Output to the Learn & Go controller• Buzzers ready to connect as an Output to the Learn & Go controller•…


    This pack contains everything that you need to create these bright glittery weavings. The pack includes pre-cut weaving cards and an exciting/colourful selection of glitter ribbons, glitter paper strips and metallic ribbon along with instructions and ideas.

  • Panasonic KXFA52X Print Ribbon

    Original Panasonic KXFA52X thermal ink print ribbon. For use with: • Panasonic KX FP205 / FP206 / FP207 / FP208 / FP215 / FP218 / FC225 / FC226 / FC228 / FC253 / FC255 / FC258


    This pack contains wood grain, ribbon texture and hammered metallic papers which are great for collage work.

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