• Rhythm Cards

    A set of 70 laminated cards showing standard music notation on one side and appealing colourful illustrations on the other, to reinforce the concept of rhythm. The syllables of the words correspond to the notes shown on the reverse to produce an original and very popular resource.

  • Glitter Musical Notes

    Strike a chord and celebrate the wonderful language of music with these fabulous glittery musical notes.

  • Triangle Pack

    page1102 A great value pack of triangles with beaters. Contains:• 2x100mm(h)• 2x152mm(h) • 1x203mm(h)

  • KS2 25 Player Percussion Set

    page1105 25 player percussion set consists of:• 2 x pairs 15cm Cymbals• 2 x pairs 20cm Cymbals • 2 x pairs Claves • 2 x pairs Finger Castanets • 1 x pair Maracas • 2 x 20cm Triangles • 1 x Piccolo Cabasa • 1 x Agogo and Beater • 1 x solo Tambourine •…

  • Clatter-Pillar Noise Maker

    page1100 A quick flick of the wrist and the amazing clickety Clatter-Pillar makes a wonderful wave of sound that will delight children of all ages. Age: 2 years+.• Colours may vary• Size: 265mm(l)• Sold singly

  • The Orchestra Poster Set

    page1115 These posters are a great way to display and learn about the different sections of a traditional orchestra.• Size: A1 - 840mm(w) x 584mm(h)• Set of 6: The Orchestra, The String Family, The Brass Family, The Woodwind Family 1, The Woodwind Family 2, The Percussion Family

  • Stacking Music Stands

    page1113 • Sheet metal desk 480mm x 340mm with deep 55mm shelf• Adjustable desk angle• Tubular metal stem• Non-slip rubber feet• Min. height 720mm, max. height 1220mm to desk• Pack of 5

  • Music Box with Glockenspiel

    A great value music set for small hands. Age: 3 years+.

  • Music Score Boards

    page1114 Set of A4 dry-wipe children's music score boards and one A3 front of class dry-wipe teacher board. Comes complete with a robust, high quality stand allowing the teacher board to be displayed.• Pens not included• Set of 30 + 1 teacher board

  • Ukulele Classpacks

    page1110 These classpacks offer great value for money for ukulele beginners. Quality pine bodies, mahogany necks, rosewood fingerboards and smart metallic finishes.• Includes carry bags• Available in natural or assorted colours• Replacement strings available separately• Pack of…

  • Rhythm Eggs

    Easily introduce little ones to rhythm and music with these great value rhythm eggs. Each egg is filled with beans which rattle with every shake.

  • Music Set 1

    A superb selection of early childhood, high quality, musical toys. Age: 3 years+.

  • Music Book

    page28 page53 page1114 Ideal for both writing music and theory work.• Size: 165mm x 203mm (61/2" x 8") • 75gsm white paper• 48 pages• 8 Staves per page, on all pages• 225gsm high strength quality cover• Stapled on long side• Pack of 50

  • Wrist Bells

    page1101 page1147 These festive sounding sleigh bells are easy to wear with a webbed band and hook and loop fastening.• Size: 165mm(w) x 126mm(d) x 50mm(h)• Colours may vary• Pack of 2

  • Alto Metallophone

    page1009 Diatonic:16 Bars (C40-A61). Supplied with 2 x F# bars and 1 x Bb bar with storage space for bars and 2 beaters.Chromatic Half:6 Bars Chromatic half only. Designed to locate with item M00115 to give a full chromatic instrument. Supplied without Bb and F# bars, as these are supplied with the…

  • Wooden Claves

    page1100 Constructed from durable wood and finished in bright, attractive colours.• Assorted colours• Size: 275mm(l)• Pack of 3 pairs

  • Toca Freestyle Djembes - Set of 7

    page1106 This set of tough and strong, eye-catching coloured djembes with protective, non-slip rubber bottoms and synthetic shells are ideal for classrooms and drum circles.• Height: 370mm• Head size: 7"• Assorted metallic colours• Set of 7

  • Outdoor Music Frame

    page804 page1112 Set up these portable frames anywhere you like and let the children explore a wide variety of instruments. • Frame 1 includes: 1 x set of Wak-a-Tubes (diatonic) with 1 x Wak-a-Rap carrier and 1 x beater • Frame 2 includes: 3 x cowbells, 1 x tulip block, 1 x two-tone…

  • African Percussion Set

    page1103 A fantastic musical resource set for up to 25 players, with an African theme.Contains:• Egg shakers• Tulip blocks• Mini monkey drums• Caxixi shakers• Seed shakers• Cabasas• Frog tone block• Coconut hand drum • Crazy shaker• Seed rakatak…

  • StackaStage 12.450 Stage Kit & Step

    page1375 This 12 square metre 450mm high stage kit is the most popular StackaStage kit and provides a medium sized stage (for larger stages use more than one kit) which can be setup by one person in minutes. 12.450 Portable Stage Kit Includes;• 12 x 450mm riser set • 12 x Standard 1000mm x…

  • Soundplus ST80 Portable Wireless PA System

    Practical solution for speech enhancement from crystal clear 80-Watt amplifier plus benefit of digital echo effect and voice priority which overrides external music sound through the Aux Input.

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