• Plastic Mirrors

    page931 These small, hand-held mirrors enable children to look at everyday objects from unusual perspectives.• Available in flat or convex/concave versions• Single sided mirrors

  • Plastic Safety Wall Mirrors

    …than acrylic so are much easier to mount on a wall• All mirrors have rounded edges for safety• Supplied in transit protective film• Mirrors do not come with pre-drilled holes but are safe to drill if desired; mirrors can also be mounted using sticky pads, double-sided tape or other…

  • Message Mirrors

    page660 page680 Laser cut into the mirror surface is a message so that the user is prompted to consider a thought. How Do I Feel Today? Who Am I? Today's Special Person and Look At Me, can be used to prompt a response, as a conversation piece, to discuss feelings and to encourage a positive self…


    These dual purpose mirrors feature an outline of a face on the wipe clean side and a mirror on the reverse. Children can study their reflection on one side before flipping the board over to draw their facial features. Perfect for promoting self awareness, observation skills and speech and language…


    This mirror is made from 1.5mm thick, high impact resistant, non-shatter plastic safety mirror and comes with a handle. The cut out handle feature makes it easy to store and move. Complies to EN71. Use with some natural resources to promote discussion and exploration of natural materials and…

  • Silver Sensory Reflective Mirror Balls

    page531 page656 page660 page679 Reflective mirror balls provide a stretched version of reality that is distorted like a fish-eye lens giving a view which is other worldly. Children will be fascinated to see items placed close to the mirrors including their own face enlarged in close up. Made from…

  • Easy Hold Plane Mirror

    page660 page671 Hand held acrylic mirror for self-reflection, group play and role play. Housed in a solid rubberwood outer, it's extremely strong and easy to hold. Age: 12 months+.• Size: 185mm(w) x 120mm(h) (mirror 80mm diameter)• Sold singly

  • Mini Beasts Garden Outdoor Mirrors

    …indoor but can also be glued or screwed for outdoors (outdoor fixings not supplied).Set includes:• 1 x flower mirror (800mm x 600mm)• 1 x large butterfly mirror (400mm x 400mm)• 1 x small butterfly (300mm x 300mm)• 1 x bee (400mm x 400mm)• 1 x snail (400mm x 400mm)•…

  • Rainbow Bricks

    …colours. Can also be used for colour mixing and on a light box. Age: 2 years+.• Size of large brick: 200mm(l) x 75mm(w) x 75mm(h)• Size of small brick: 100mm(l) x 75mm(w) x 75mm(h)• Set of 36 includes: 24 large and 12 small with rounded corners (red, green, blue, yellow, clear and mirrored)

  • Softie Shape Mirror Pack

    page531 page661 page679 Softie mirrors contain safety acrylic mirror material encased within ultra-tough EVA foam. They are light in weight, soft and can be wiped clean, making them suitable for use with babies and toddlers as well as older 'explorers'. All foam frames are 30mm thick, can be free…


    …on the Softie Mirror encourages children to look closely at themselves and at natural and man-made objects. The mirror encourages communication and co-operation as two or more children can play together, sharing experiences and discoveries. Made from EVA foam with acrylic mirrors. Age: 3 years+.

  • Trudy Mirror and Drywipe Screen

    • Size: 1000mm(w) x 90mm(d) x 1200mm(h)• Available in a choice of 7 colours


    A great new dressing up unit with lots of storage space; shelves, hooks and trays. Available in either a double or single sided unit with a mirror on one end.

  • Trudy Round Mirror

    page623 • Available in either 200mm or 300mm diameter

  • Cosy mirror den set

    …any shape to meet your needs and make the most of the available space. Made from solid beech timber and birch plywood with a tough child safe clear lacquer finish.• Set includes: 2x mirror panels, low arch panel and maple panel and fitted cover• Each panel size: 780mm(w) x 40mm(d) x 700mm(h)


    …filled caterpillars are sure to be fun for all children. The large plastic safety mirrors (one side only) in vinyl frames are removable to prevent damage in robust play. The design includes mini mirrors with a handle/closing fastener. Each bump is connected to the other and cannot be separated.…

  • Acrylic Security Mirror

    • Economic and effective safety solution• Shatterproof, strong and lightweight• Maconite backing with chrome trim gives weatherproof seal• Complete with multi-angle joint and wall mounting bracket

  • Hemispherical Mirrors

    All round visibility for safety and security applications.• Acrylic moulding gives bright, sharp image• Shatterproof and durable, but light in weigh• May be suspended from higher ceiling• Half and quarter hemispheres- wall or corner mounting

  • Sensory Centre

    …Acrylic mirrors enhance the sensory effects and the black carpet platform is tactile and warm to the touchContents:• Bubble tube - 650mm(h)• Fibre optic sideglow and lightsource - 1000mm(l)• UV light - 300mm(w)• Set of linelite tubing, magic rods and coloured shapes• Mirror

  • Black and White Mirror Trail

    Explore as a square or as a trail, the Playring Mirror Trail includes shapes at different heights for youngsters to climb and crawl on. Each piece links to another to enable you to select the best layout for your goals it will fit most spaces (even corners). Designed by the original Playring company…

  • 2 IN 1 MIRRORS

    These handy, unbreakable non glass mirrors make self exploration fun. One side is a regular mirror the other side is a fun mirror which warps reflections to sharpen observation skills. Features a soft, rubberised handle for smaller hands. Age: 2 years+.

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