• All About Me Family Cards & Counters

    Visually appealing set of double sided activity cards teach patterns and sequences, sorting, grouping, early arithmetic, size recognition and positional awareness. The cards are designed to be used with the All About Me Family Counters™ which are sold separately.• Set of 21 cards • Set of 72…

  • Sorting & Counting Beads

    • 250 beads with 16 laces

  • Magnetic Base Ten Demonstration Set

    Model essential number concepts on the whiteboard so the whole class can see. Set features real-life photography to help students better visualise the 3-D representation of maths concepts.

  • My First Number Snap

    …let you play two favourite games, Snap and Pairs using early-years number concepts. Two fun games in one that help children learn fundamental maths concepts. The cards show the number, the word and pictures in different quantities 1-10. Age: 3 years+.• Includes 52 playing cards and 3 rules…

  • Digit Playing Cards

    Number cards 0 to 10 with patterned backs.• Size: 58mm x 87mm• 10 sets of 0 to 10 cards

  • Outdoor Maths Kit

    This kit has been put together to focus on ways to promote maths and outdoors spaces. The Maths Outdoors book provides a wealth of exciting ideas, with each one accompanied by extension activities and assessment guidance. The other tactile resources provide innovative ways to explore key…

  • Rocker Scales

    Transparent tubs marked with 100ml graduations. Made in a tough washable material. Sensitive enough for 1g to register a positive movement. Tubs are designed to give accurate readings even when products are placed off centre. • Complete with product guide• 1/2 Litre size: 125mm x…

  • Sorting Dishes

    Colourful dishes to complement any sorting activity and will also be a useful addition to art and craft activities as dipping dishes for sponge painting.• Content not included• Colours may vary• Pack of 6

  • Metric Weight Set

    All pieces are printed with weight.• 20 x red 1g, 20 x blue 5g, 10 x green 10g, 4 x yellow 20g • Set of 54

  • Grouping Circles

    These flexible folding plastic circles can be used in a wide range of activities with attribute blocks. • Consists of 6 circles, 2 each of red, yellow and blue• Size: 500mm(dia.)

  • Mathematics Mastery Primary Kit

    Enable your students to develop a mastery of maths with this vast array of concrete manipulatives. Mathematics Mastery believes every child should get Hands-on with Maths in every lesson. This kit has been designed with this in mind to be used by up to 15 pairs of pupils in the primary classroom.

  • Giant Soft Dot Cubes

    Quiet, easy-to-handle foam dice lend themselves to number games, probability experiments and maths activities.• Size: 125mm

  • Counting and Sorting Set

    This set includes all you need for a sorting activity. The tweezers are ideal for small hands and are a great tool for helping to develop the pincer grasp. The counters are bright in colour and are made of soft rubber. Age: 3 years+.Set includes: • 1 x set of 6 sorting dishes• 1 x set of…

  • Numicon One To One Starter Apparatus

    …000 Display Frieze 1 x 0 to 1.01 Decimal Number Line 1 x -12 to 12 Number Line 1 x Fraction Number Line Laminate 1 x 10s Number Line LaminateNumicon builds a deep understanding of maths through a multi-sensory approach. This pack contains apparatus for one to one teaching of children aged 9 to 11.

  • Maths Balance

    Teach number relationships in a concrete way with this number balance. As students manipulate the balance, they gain insight into abstract concepts of number operations, algebraic equations and properties of arithmetic. • Set includes: 1x 210mm(h) balance, 20x 10g weights, labels and…

  • Little People – Sensory Play Set

    …for indoor and outside use in all weathers and environments. The range of colours and sizes make them ideal for sorting and children will develop math language as they play. Age: 3 years+.• Three sets of three figures, each set a different colour (50mm, 60mm and 70mm high)• Set of 9

  • Polyhedra Dice Set

    This comprehensive pack of 162 plastic dice is supplied in a carry case for easy storage. It contains the following items:• 10 x 10 sided dice, 0-9• 10 x 10 sided dice, 1-10• 10 x 10 sided tens dice, 10-100• 10 x 10 sided hundreds dice, 100-1,000• 10 x 10 sided thousands…

  • Tape Measure

    A tough, nylon-reinforced plastic tape measure which is 1m(l) x 30mm(w). Chunky and easy to hold, with bold 1cm markings and 10cm increments. This handy tape is made from a flexible, non stretch and washable material. • Bold 1cm markings and 10cm increments• Size: 1000mm(l) x 30mm(w)•…

  • Teacher Number Fans

    Two sets of numbers 0-9 (and decimal point) big enough for the whole class to see. Can be used as one set of 21 digits plus decimal point or two sets of 10 digits plus decimal points.• Size: 230mm• Pack of 2

  • Sink or Float Activity Set

    …early physics by bringing investigations to life, recording data as they go in order to find an optimum solution. Specifically designed to engage children in science, technology, engineering and maths, primary learners can get hands-on with STEM learning with this colourful set! Age: 5 years+.

  • Maths Equivalence Class Pack

    A variety of fun and practical resources to teach and reinforce fractions, decimals, percentages and pictorial representations.Kit contains: •39 x Equivalence bars•39 x Double Sided Fraction/Decimal Magnets•25 x Equivalence Bones•40 x Fraction and Decimal Counting Cards•1 x…

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