The 120 colour coded cards will help children's observation and memory skills as well as their knowledge of maths concepts such as percentages, line graphs and square and cube numbers.

  • Mental Maths Bingo

    page908 Stay alert with quick calculation strategies at the ready, to become a mental mathematics whiz! Our engaging new game cleverly replicates some of the pressure felt by pupils during KS2 oral SATs as they must beat opponents and be the first to give correct answers to number, time and measure…

  • Tables Shapes Game

    Plastic equilateral triangles on which matching table facts are recorded. Reinforces learning of tables whilst matching answers and building patterns.• Stored in sturdy plastic boxes• Box of 3 sets of 24

  • Dot Dice

    page885 • Pack of 10 • Size: 16mm³

  • Giant Shape and Number Dominoes

    page861 Made from very tactile plastic material, large pieces, suitable for small hands. Shape dominoes are perfect for teaching shape recognition, naming, sorting and properties of six different shapes. Age: 3 years+.• Size: 80mm x 40mm• 24-piece set

  • Laminated Number Cards

    page873 page883 Laminated cards printed 1-100 on one side and plain grid printed on the other. • Size: 280mm x 270mm • Pack of 10

  • Percentages, Decimals and Fractions Bingo

    page876 This enjoyable bingo game will encourage your pupils to recognise and match fractions, percentages and decimals. Children will see and learn the equivalences across these concepts. There are 6 boards enabling 7 players to take part at any one time (one player would be the caller). Each board…

  • Clear Shatter Resistant 30cm Rulers

    page897 • Bevelled edges• Marked in mm and cm • Plastic

  • Place Value Abacus

    page872 Set comprises 3 stands, 9 rods, 81 abacus beads, along with 9 sets of 0-9 number tiles. Age: 3 years+.

  • Fraction Tower Set Cubes

    page878 Colourful, durable, interlocking Fraction Tower® Cubes are perfect for exploring and comparing percentages and fractions. Children learn by building simple, graphic mathematical models that clearly demonstrate fraction relationships.• Cubes are marked with respective fractions,…

  • Equivalence Dice

    page885 Big, chunky ten-sided dice for recognition and games which explore the relationship between the three equivalent forms.• Colour coded, two each of fractions, decimals and percentages• Pack of 6

  • Abacus Beads

    page854 Abacus learning beads are an excellent and unique learning tool for the classroom. The beads on the large model can be assorted into any combination of numbers and two colours you require, to help with sorting and counting. The original measurement of 10mm per bead allows the new dimension…

  • Elapsed Time Rule

    page891 Allow pupils to demonstrate time in a number line format where they can visually see where the time goes and calculate effectively. A.M. is marked in red and P.M. marked in blue with arrow indicators to help physically move time forwards. 5 min, 15min, 30 min and 1 hour are all clearly…

  • Digital / Analogue Individual Clocks

    Made from durable and washable 0.5mm plastic with plastic hands. The analogue face and hands can be set to show any time and the equivalent digital time can then be written in the appropriate space with a 'write-on, wipe-off' water-based marker.• Overall size: 120mm x 115mm• Pack of 10

  • Magnetic Fraction Builders

    page877 Fractions are represented in two different ways; the circular pieces show how fractions can describe part of a group while the rectangular pieces show how fractions can describe part of a length. The 4mm thick foam pieces are printed on a wipe clean material.• Contains 106 pieces

  • Metric Weight Set

    page893 page964 All pieces are printed with weight.• 20 x red 1g, 20 x blue 5g, 10 x green 10g, 4 x yellow 20g • Set of 54

  • Basic Shapes Set

    page861 A comprehensive set of shapes designed to meet the needs of the curriculum.• 44 pieces in compressed foam with a booklet detailing shapes

  • Place Value Flip Stand

    page876 Children will quickly grasp place value concepts with the help of this sturdy double-sided flip stand. It features millions to ones on one side and thousands to thousandths on the other. A special feature of this stand is the colour coding, where children can associate large numbers with a…

  • Folding Geometric Shapes

    Perfect for hands-on learning and illustrative teaching of symmetry, perimeter, surface area and volume, this set of eight 2-in-1 geometric shapes shows both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional solids. Each shape is in both fold-out net form (shows two dimensions) and clear plastic casing (shows three…

  • Smart Chute Mental Maths Recall

    page909 Add, Subtract, Double, Halve, Multiply and Divide key number facts at a rapid pace to help memorise vital number knowledge. The multi-sensory Smart Chute provides the perfect medium to practise and rehearse these facts, without the process becoming tiresome.Contains:• 1 x Smart…


    …with these durable and weatherproof stones. Use along with the visually appealing Ladybug Early Number Cards to encourage children to explore early maths skills. Activities include counting forwards and backwards on leaf number lines and around the petals of a flower, and finding suitable ladybug…

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