• Whiteboard Magnets 30mm

    page113 page156 Whiteboard magnets ideal for attaching light items.

  • Ferrite Button Magnets

    page937 These ceramic disc magnets are ideal for children to use in designing magnetic games or badges. Age: 3 years+.• Size: 3mm(h) x 14mm(dia.)• Pack of 50

  • Super Magnets

    …pulling power of magnetism with this pair of incredible super magnets. Housed in tough colour-coded outer mouldings, red (North) and blue (South), the design allows children to safely experience first hand the force of neodymium; currently the World’s strongest permanent magnet.• Set of 2

  • Magnetic Rubber Tape

    page937 This adhesive magnetic tape is ideal for turning objects into magnets. Use it to create your own display or simply to put pictures and posters on to metal surfaces. Age: 3 years+.• Adhesive• Size: 8mm(w) x 1mm(d) x 10m(l)


    Specially designed magnetic eraser to be used with magnetic whiteboards.

  • First Magnetism Experiments Kit

    …set to develop magnetic investigations, all in a carry box for neat storage. Age: 3 years+.Contains:• 4 x wands• 20 x magnetic marbles• 2 x plastic cased magnets• 1 x super magnet• 1 x small horseshoe magnet• 1 x compass magnet• Set of floating ring magnets•

  • Giant Magnetic Array Set

    Great for whiteboard demonstrations! Easily demonstrate multiplication on the whiteboard. Giant magnetic arrays and colourful discs allow students and teachers to explore multiplication as repeated addition.Includes: • 2 magnetic 5x5 arrays• 50 discsSize: 240mm(l) x 240mm(h)

  • Plastic-Cased Magnets

    page937 Ideal for younger children, the magnets are colour-coded red (North) and blue (South). • Will not demagnetise in pairs• Size: 80mm(w) x 22mm(d) x 10mm(h) • Set of 2


    Polydron have added to the already successful magnetic Polydron range with some important shapes to complement and enhance this excellent product. The pentagon, rectangle and right angled triangle will give renewed possibilities for construction and geometrical models. These welcome additions will…

  • Magnetic Write On/Wipe Off Dice

    Large and small magnetic dice.The large plastic coated foam dice have drywipe faces so you can tailor them to your class's needs in Maths, Literacy, Science or other subjects. Specially designed to be quiet and safe. Size large die: 120mm x 120mm.If you need standard size dice for groups or…

  • Support for Spelling Kits

    …also provide a huge amount of enjoyment and laughter in the classroom. Progressing from basic CVC words with the use of board games, bingos and magnetic word strips that show the structure of the words, through to the most common tricky words to spell and high frequency words of our complicated…

  • Magnetic Creatures Collage Pack

    page322 Children will have great fun creating with these magnetic shapes. The pack comes with 30 shapes and an exciting pack of collage resources for them to create, design and decorate with. Feathers, sequins, glitter paper, gems, paper shapes, felt and fabric pieces.• Size: 150mm x 180mm…

  • Tower Desk Accessory Kit

    …60 x assorted colour paper clips, 33mm• 100 x assorted colour drawing pins• 40 x assorted colour push pins• 15 x plain letter clips, 22mm• 12 x assorted colour magnets, 20mm• 8 x assorted colour foldback clips, 19mm• 5 x assorted colour key tags• Sold as a set

  • Soft Foam Magnetic Learning Letters

    page555 These tactile letters are colour-coded to differentiate consonants (blue) from vowels (red). Age: 3 years+.• Size: 40mm• Includes four complete alphabets (2 lowercase and 2 uppercase)

  • Magnetic Wands

    page937 Ideal for young hands and a good way of introducing magnetism early. Age: 3 years+.• Length: 190mm• Pack of 6


    These brightly coloured horse shoe shaped magnets are made of durable plastic, perfect for young scientists. Magnets are magnetically correct: one foot north, one south. Age: 3+.

  • Mobile Magnetic Display / Storage Easel

    This mobile magnetic easel has been designed to encourage group project work with a big book shelf.• 2 locking castors• 5 year guarantee on magnetic surface• 2 storage trays included - red trays with blue frame and blue trays with red frame• Board size 900mm(w) x 900mm(h)


    A comprehensive 42-piece set of magnets and materials packed in a robust storage case.


    These small plotting compasses can be used to plot lines of magnetic fields.

  • Iron Filings

    page938 Iron filings in a plastic shaker, ideal for magnetic flux experiments.• 250g shaker• Sold singly


    Make your whiteboard come alive with science! Full-colour, realistically detailed magnets capture students' attention model solar system concepts.

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