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  • Polymer Block for Lino Printing

    Excellent double-sided value lino blocks.

  • Safeprint Foam Sheets

    page405 White expanded polystyrene sheets, a safe alternative to printing with polymer blocks. Impressions can be made in the foam using blunt objects and can also be used in model making. Can be cut, painted and glued.• 3mm thick

  • Block Printing Water Colours

    A highly pigmented opaque watercolour for use with woodcut blocks, lino and quickprint. All colours are intermixable and lightfast.

  • Bench Hook

    page405 • Sturdy, durable construction• Simply hook on to desk or bench edge• Lino block is held firmly in corner for safe cutting• Pack of 5

  • Premium Block Lino Printing Ink

    page404 The premium block printing ink has been formulated using high quality specialist raw materials to give enhanced tack and transfer to superior printability and performance. The ink drying speed has also been optimised to give a good balance of on tray working time and drying time at typical…

  • Transparent Polymer Blocks

    Double-sided transparent polymer blocks for lino printing, enabling children to easily copy designs placed underneath.

  • Cutter Handle

    page405 • For use with cutters• Adjustable chuck to grip cutters securely• Pack of 10 durable plastic handles with a comfortable grip

  • Cutter Set

    page405 • 25 assorted cutters for carving into polymer blocks• 10 assorted shapes• Cutters ground to an optimum angle to ensure a long lasting and safe cutting edge

  • Lino Inking Rollers

    page404 Hard Rubber roller with a sturdy handle. Handle includes a back rest to hold roller away from working surface when turned upside down. Available in 2 roller lengths.

  • Lino Cutter Set

    page405 Lino cutters supplied with 10 durable plastic handles with a comfortable grip. Cutters supplied have 5 different profiles and are ground to an optimum angle to ensure a long lasting and safe cutting edge.• Pack of 10 handles and 50 blades

  • Inking Tray

    page404 Sturdy plastic inking tray.• Ideal for use with rollers or block printing. • Approximate inner size: 225mm x 175mm

  • Inking Rollers

    page404 • Set of 3 rollers in assorted sizes (2", 4" and 6")

  • Chroma 2 Student Paint

    …thick body and strong colour, yet is very easy to clean up. Use it as a general classroom paint and for all printing needs such as block printing and lino printing.Priced to fit tight budgets, Chroma 2's paint quality has not been seen in schools before. With Chroma 2 younger children can experience…

  • Ecover Techno Floor Cleaner

    An ecological pH neutral floor cleaner for use on light to medium stains. Suitable for PVC, lino, stone, slate and ceramic floors.

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