• Standard Hoops

    page739 page1124 Coloured plastic hoops that can be used for a variety of play activities.• 14mm diameter butt-welded joint• Available in 4 colours• Available in 4 diameters• Sold singly or as a pack of 4 (1 of each colour)• Hoop holder also available separately (162490)

  • Super-Strong Hoops

    page1124 These top quality hoops have a super-strong joint. • Available in 3 diameters• Colours: red, blue, green and yellow• Pack of 12 containing 3 of each colour

  • Standard Hoops

    Coloured plastic hoops that can be used for a variety of play activities.• 14mm diameter butt-welded joint• Pack of 4 - 1 each of Red, Blue, Green and Yellow• 750mm diameter

  • Create Development real gym Kit

    …(mixed colours)• 30 x Plastic skipping ropes (mixed colours) • 4 x 450mm Standard hoops (mixed colours) • 4 x 600mm Standard hoops (mixed colours)• 4 x 750mm Standard hoops (mixed colours) • 4 x 900mm Standard hoops (mixed colours)• 4 x Stability discs • 10 x Throw down feet • 10 x Throw down hands…

  • De Luxe Hoops

    Top quality plastic De Luxe Hoops with an 18mm diameter super-strong joint.• Colours: red, blue, green and yellow• Available in 3 diameters• Available singly or as pack of 12 (3 of each colour)

  • Flat Hoops

    page1124 These durable flat hoops are more pliable than traditional tubular hoops.• Stackable• Available in 4 colours• Available in 3 diameters• Sold singly or as a pack of 4 (1 of each colour)

  • Creative Movement Kit

    A specially selected range of equipment which will enhance dance lessons and rhythmic gymnastics.Contains: • 4 x 600mm hoops• 4 x 160mm balls• 3 x scarves• 6 x wands• 6 x tapsticks• 4 x dance rings• 4 x clubs• 4 x ropes• 6 x movement spots• 1 x set…

  • Kit for Purpose Rhythm and Dance Pack

    page737 page1130 A great value pack of dance accessories to enable children to creatively express themselves with rhythm and dance.Contains:• 4 x tap sticks• 8 x pom poms• 6 x ribbon sticks• 6 x dance scarves• 6 x red hoops• 6 x wrist bells• 6 x bangle ribbons

  • Hula Hoop Big Deal

    A set of 48 plastic hoops in a variety of colours and diameters that can be used for a number of play activities, with a FREE hoop holdall.Contains:• 12 x 450mm(dia) hoops• 12 x 600mm(dia) hoops• 12 x 750mm(dia) hoops• 12 x 900mm(dia) hoops• 1 x hula hoop holdall FREE

  • Hoop Holdall

    page1124 A handy bag for the storage and carrying of hoops up to 915mm in diameter. • Shoulder strap• 180° zip• Capacity: 50 hoops• Colour: red• Sold singly

  • Hoop and Rod Holder

    page1124 A device which attaches to a polished floor and holds either flat hoops or rods in a vertical position, allowing for a variety of play options.• Colour: red• Hoop not included • Sold singly

  • Sure Shot Junior Backboard and Ring

    page1135 Wall mounted, weatherproof backboard and ring ideal for youngsters aged between 7 and 10 years. • 18" (450mm) solid steel ring• Net and ring fittings included• Solid melamine backboard; 700mm(w) x 600mm(h)• Weight: 5kg• Sold singly

  • Sure Shot 203E Ring and Net Set

    page1135 Ideal for school use, this 18" powder-coated solid steel basketball ring also comes complete with a net.• Compatible with 506, 508, 510 and 512 - 514 systems• Hardware not included• Weight: 4kg • Sold singly

  • Embroidery Rings

    Wooden hoop frames ideal for use whilst fabric painting.

  • Leg Skips

    page1125 These brightly coloured leg skips are ideal for individual play, while helping children to develop their co-ordination, fitness and agility. Simply place the hoop around one ankle, swing the ball in a circle and jump over it with your other leg.• Assorted colours• Pack of 6

  • 12-Sided Hoops

    page1124 These fin shaped hoops are virtually unbreakable but still allows you to all the same things you can do with a traditional hoop. • Pack of 4 assorted colours• Available in 2 sizes

  • First-Play Playtime Activity Tub

    …ropes• 3 x ankle skips• 4 x Eurohoc sticks• 4 x 100mm soft touch balls• 2 x pom pom balls• 1 x inflator• 2 x paddle hoops• 25 x space markers• 10 x tennis balls• 2 x 70mm reaction balls• 10 x 70mm foam balls• 2 x table tennis bats• 2 x mini…

  • First-Play® Multi-Coloured Team Kit

    …Age: 4 years+.Contains:• 8 x team bands• 8 x 75mm plastic balls• 8 x gameflow balls• 24 x markers• 4 x 500mm flat hoops• 4 x 200mm soft touch balls• 4 x 160mm soft touch balls• 4 x Eurohoc sticks• 8 x beanbags• 8 x skipping ropes• 8 x plastic…

  • PLAYM8 Connecting Hoops

    The PLAYM8 Connecting Hoop makes storage simple and can be made into two sizes. They can be made multicoloured or in the same colour with their simple click-together format. With this set of 36 sections, you can make 7 hoops with 5 sections each or 6 hoops with 6 sections each.• Colours: 6 each…

  • Sack Hoop and Wall Bracket Set

    A great time saving device, ideal for keeping refuse sacks open.

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