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  • Fountain Pen

    A quality pen, fitted with a superb feed system.• The medium gilt nib is iridium tipped for smooth, even writing • Supplied with a blue ink cartridge• Colours may vary• Sold singly

  • Value School Fountain Pen

    The medium steel nib and technically advanced feed system aids development of free-flowing writing.• Sturdy construction and no small parts • Each pen is supplied with a blue ink cartridge • Colours may vary• Box of 12

  • Zebra Fuente Fountain Pen

    The Fuente disposable fountain pen delivers a smooth ink flow.• Smooth black ink• Metal nib, 0.6 mm tip• 1400m write out• Non scratch write out• Pack of 12

  • Pilot V Disposable Fountain Pen

    Ink control system ensures a smooth and even performance for a writing distance of more than 60,000 characters.• The medium alloy nib provides the writing character of a fountain pen without skipping or blotting• Available in 2 colours • Erasable ink• Sold singly

  • Value Ink Cartridges

    A selection of Value range ink cartridges suitable for use in most fountain pens.

  • Ink Corrector Pen

    Ink eraser and corrector, a double ended pen which erases and corrects mistakes made with fountain pens.• Box of 12

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