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  • Beko Dishwasher

    page1692 The Beko dishwasher features a large 12 place setting capacity which is ideal for washing all of your dishes in one go. A variety of special programmes are available to suit different load types and the low water and energy consumption help to keep the utility bills down.• 'AAA' rated…


    Super 5 in 1 Dishwasher Tablets are designed to give you the exact amount of detergent each wash. The unique 5 ingredients penetrate deep into stubborn dried on, baked food leaving crockery and cutlery spotlessly clean.

  • Hotpoint Dishwasher

    page1692 The Hotpoint dishwasher features a large 13 place setting capacity and the different programme options ensure the wash cycles are tailored to the load. This dishwasher is also known for its excellent natural drying performance.• 'A+' rated energy efficiency• 13 place setting…

  • Finish Professional Dishwasher Power Powder

    Finish Professional Power Powder gives fast, outstanding results leaving your pans, tableware and cutlery hygienically clean.• 10kg• Sold singly

  • Duo Polycarbonate Rimmed Bowls

    page1664 White polycarbonate bowls with a solid colour band on the rim.• Microwave and dishwasher safe• Available in 4 colours• Size: 173mm diameter• Capacity: 400ml• 100% recyclable• Sold singly

  • Assert Lemon Dishwashing Detergent

    A concentrated, high foaming hand dishwashing liquid with a fresh lemon fragrance. It is ideal for cleaning pots, pans, crockery, glass and all washable kitchen utensils. • Dose 8-12ml into 10L warm water• 2 x 5 litres


    Super Machine Dish Wash has been formulated for use in spray dishwashing machines. Softens the water removing and preventing scale formation and the build up of stains.

  • Dishwasher Salt

    page1569 Great value dishwasher salt.• Aids softening of water• 10kg• Sold singly

  • Hoover Dishwasher

    page1692 This Hoover freestanding Dishwasher is available in bright white finish, with 12 place settings and up to 4 wash temperatures controlled electronically. 6 programmes are available to use whilst washing and with A ratings for washing and drying performances for faster, more efficient washing…

  • Finish Professional Dishwasher Liquid

    page1569 Finish Pro Dishwash offers extra power against dried-on food stains, tea, coffee and lipstick. It is specially formulated for commercial dishwashers equipped with automatic detergent dispensing.• 5 litre• Sold singly


    A tough working, specially formulated dishwasher powder which minimises the need for re-washing whilst removing tannin stains and preventing scaling from forming. For use in all types of domestic and commercial manually dosed dishwashing machines.

  • Fairy Original Washing-Up Liquid

    Long-lasting efficient washing-up solution. Cuts through grease easily from pots, pans, plates, cutlery, etc. • Please note decanting pump (item: 040160) does not fit Fairy 5ltr bottle. See information on back of bottle for Free Pump.


    This model has a 13 place setting capacity. So you can fit in 13 sets of plates, cutlery, saucers, glasses and bowls all in one go. This dishwasher has an anti-flood device too, which detects leaks and cuts off the water supply.

  • Professional Fairy Dishwasher Tablets

    page1569 Fairy All in One powers through grease with added glass protection, metal shine, salt action, Fairy cleaning power and rinse aid action. Cleans brilliantly leaving nothing but shine even in short cycles.• Available in original or lemon• 100 tablets

  • Dishwasher Rinse Aid

    page1568 Rinse Aid has a concentrated formula. Suitable for use in dishwashers and cabinet glass wash machines. Aids rapid drying of crockery, cutlery and glasses ensuring a sparkling finish.

  • Beko Slimline Dishwasher

    page1692 The Beko slimline dishwasher is small on the outside but big on the inside, with its 450mm width it can fit into narrow spaces while the 10 place settings capacity means you can load all your dishes in one go.• 'A+AA' rated energy efficiency• 10 place setting capacity• 5…

  • Suma Ultra L2 Dishwasher Detergent

    For use in all industrial spray dishwashing machines.• Alkaline liquid detergent• Specially formulated to control the build up of scale and stains• 20 litres

  • Polycarbonate Rimmed Bowls

    page1663 Polycarbonate rimmed bowl. • Microwave and dishwasher safe• Available in 8 colours• Size: 173mm diameter• 100% recyclable• Sold singly

  • Finish Dishwasher Cleaner

    page1569 The power to break down and lift off dried-on food residues. A brilliant brand that gives a terrific shine at the same time as caring for your machine.• 250ml• Sold singly

  • Finish Dishwasher Salt

    page1569 Prevents the formation of spots and watermarks. Softens water and helps boost cleaning.• Available in 2 sizes• Sold singly

  • A4 Auto Pan Wash Detergent

    page1568 A Pan Wash Detergent that is effective in all water conditions. • Prevents deposition of hard-water scale• Excellent stain control ability• Safe for use on aluminium• For use in automatic pan and utensil washing machines only• 10 litres

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