• 12 Hour Analogue Clocks

    White plastic cased wall clock with shatterproof lens and 12 hour marking. Quartz movement with second hand, black numerals on a white background.

  • 12 Hour Analogue Clocks

    White plastic cased wall clock with shatterproof lens and 12 hour marking. Quartz movement with second hand, black numerals on a white background.

  • Wipe-Clean Student Clocks

    These laminated clocks feature movable plastic hands and a place to write in the digital time.

  • 24 Hour Analogue Clock

    White plastic cased wall clock with shatterproof lens and 24 hour marking. Quartz movement with second hand, black and red numerals on a white background.• Size: 215mm diameter• Wall mountable• Supplied with 1 x AA battery

  • Silver Cased 12 Hour Analogue Clocks

    Simple and attractive, silver colour, plastic-cased clock. Available as a standard quartz or radio controlled movement.

  • Big Time 12 Hour Class Set

    Get the whole class involved in time-telling activities. Also includes a teacher's guide.

  • Radio Controlled Clocks

    White plastic clock with shatterproof lens. Once set correctly, offers complete time keeping as clock changes automatically in March and October to account for daylight saving time.

  • Digital Radio Controlled Clock

    Radio controlled movement that updates regularly during the day to ensure 100% time keeping, accuracy and automatic summer and winter time changes.• Temperature display• Wall mountable• Size: 230mm(w) x 30mm(d) x 220mm(h)• Supplied with 1 x AAA battery

  • 7 Faces Large Teaching Clock

    Easy to read clock with 7 different faces- 12hr, 24hr, roman numerals, minutes, words, fractions and also a blank face.

  • Classroom Clock

    These Classroom Clocks have a clear design and use simple teaching systems, making it easy for children to learn and read the time. The 'Past & To' clock enables pupils to tell the time in 'minutes past' and 'minutes to' the hour, with a silent sweeping second hand showing that the time is constant…

  • 4-Way Multi Timer with Clock

    The 4-Way Multi Timer will help to keep track of multiple cooking times, counting up or down to nearly 100 hours.• LCD display• Loud beeper• 9 hour 59 minutes and 59 second timer for slow cooking• Self standing/magnetic mounting feature• Memory function• 1 x CR2032…

  • Clock Faces Pack

    Pack of round, blank clock faces that can be drawn or painted on into your own design.

  • Clock Mechanism

    Quartz analogue clock mechanism.• Push fit Hr/Min/Sec hands• Designed to fit 10mm dia. hole and maximum material thickness of 8mm• Requires 1 x AA battery• Sold singly

  • Classroom Clock Kit

    …of analogue time. All clocks are geared and feature colour-coded hour and minute hands for easy differentiation. Ideal for whole class time-telling activities. Includes:• 1 x 12-Hour Demonstration Clock (340mm(dia.))• 24 x 10cm Geared Mini-Clocks (100mm(dia.))• All clocks have a built-in stand

  • Large Teaching Clock

    The brightly coloured Quantum 2150 is a teaching unit that is suitable as both a normal wall clock and for front of class teaching purposes, with a front knob that can be used to adjust the time.

  • About Time - Telling Time & Understanding Elapsed Time

    …pieces work alongside the analogue clock and included time number line to enable children to learn skills from visualising intervals of time to understanding elapsed time and problem solving with time. Includes: • 36 pieces• 12 time fraction circles• 24 hour clock activity card with movable hands…

  • Big Time™ Learning Clocks® Demonstration Clock

    Hidden gears maintain correct hour and minute relationships as you demonstrate time-telling concepts. This durable plastic clock has easy-to-read hour and minute markings, include removable stands and Teaching Guide. • Size: 340mm(h)

  • Clock Stamp

    Clock face with numerals. (For Stamp Pad, use code 910126.)• 12 hour face• Size: 40mm(dia)

  • What's The Time Game

    Introduces children to time related concepts. A clock with movable hands is featured to help children to learn to tell analogue time. Age: 4 years+.

  • Teacher & Student Card Clocks

    …shows ’12 and 24 hour time’. Can be used to demonstrate setting the time on the clock face and writing the time underneath.• Teacher card size: 320mm x 390mm x 10mm• Student card size: 150mm x 200mm x 100mm• Teacher Clock Card sold singly• Student Clock Card sold as pack of 10

  • Twoey Town Arcade

    …extension, 1 x 490mm(w) panel with ATM, 1 x 1000mm(w) panel with canopy and counter, 1 x 1000mm(w) library panel, 1 x 490mm(w) drywipe panel with clock, 1 x 490mm(w) panel with window and connecting discs• Supplied in flat pack form with easy to follow assembly instructions• Minimum of 3…

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