5 Litre Pva Glue

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  • Value PVA Adhesive

    A smooth, versatile and easy flowing glue, suitable for numerous adhesive and craft applications. The glue can be applied with a brush or spatula and dries to a translucent, water-washable film.• Free from Gluten• Water washable• 5 litre

  • Merlin Medium

    • Washable version of Marvin Medium• Ideal for primary schools• 5 litre• Free from Wheat and Gluten

  • Berol Marvin Medium

    …sections of the work. The dried film is sufficiently flexible so that there appears no cracking. On top the medium has good aging properties and does not discolour when exposed to sunlight.• High solids content• Safe to use with children• Free from wheat and gluten• 5 litre

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